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Underwater Photography Course For Freedivers.

This course is designed for competent divers with a minimal AIDA 1* qualification and a basic understanding of manual settings on a DSLR camera. The group will be a maximum of 4 people, keeping the ratio to students low for a more in depth learning experience.

I have 2 full frame Nikon DSLRs and their relevant dive water housings, but I encourage you to bring your own to get the greatest benefit from the course.

With a strict buddy system and 1 camera between 2 I want to show you how beneficial it is to have an extra pair of eyes, ears and hands to help get that perfect image.

On the extended 2 day course I will spend the morning showing you my digital workflow secrets with a live edit using Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop. I highly recommend bringing your laptop with these programs installed. They offer a 30 day trial here if you don’t already own them.

Course Outline:

One Day Freediving Photography Safari: min 2 max 4

  • Introductions
  • What we aim to achieve on the day
  • Different camera equipment
  • Additional freediving equipment
  • Light and water theory
  • Additional freediving theory
  • How to plan a shoot
  • Image ideas inspiration/slide show
  • Work in partnership as a spotter/model/safety diver and a cameraman
  • Dive technique
  • Working together to get the shot (off camera lighting)
  • Looking to shoot from inspirational images
  • Expect to see seals/crabs/jellyfish/caves
  • Download images
  • Review

2 Day Freediving Photography Speciality: min 1 max 4

Same as 1 day + full prep for next day, clean equipment, charge batteries etc

  • Review and intro into Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Live edit of stock images
  • Work in partnership as a spotter/model/safety diver and a cameraman
  • Dive technique
  • Looking to shoot from inspirational images
  • expect to see seals/crabs/jellyfish/caves
  • Review
  • Download images to take home and edit

1 Day – £275

2 Day – £350