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THE WILD WEEKENDERS - Adam Buxton, Arthur Williams and Clem Green

The Wild Weekenders

The Wild Weekenders on Channel 4 Ian @ freediveuk gave me a bell one morning, asking if I would be interested in filming the underwater footage for Little Gem’s new series, called The Wild Weekenders airing this Friday on Channel 4 at 8pm (14th April 2017) The series explores some of the more unusual activities available to anyone over a weekend. The brief was to film Paralympics presenter Arthur Williams ( a former marine and paraplegic) freediving off the Devon coast. After […]

Problems and solutions for a freediving cameraman

Assuming you have a good understanding of manual controls on a DSLR and are a competent diver, I want to “dive deeper” into techniques which lend themselves to underwater photography, the additional kit you might find useful, and outline the problems that are associated within the underwater environment. For me it’s all about wide angle photography. Whether it’s capturing the surrounding topography or encounters with the local wildlife. This is what the main focus of this article will be on. So you’re a competent […]