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THE WILD WEEKENDERS - Adam Buxton, Arthur Williams and Clem Green

The Wild Weekenders

The Wild Weekenders on Channel 4 Ian @ freediveuk gave me a bell one morning, asking if I would be interested in filming the underwater footage for Little Gem’s new series, called The Wild Weekenders airing this Friday on Channel 4 at 8pm (14th April 2017) The series explores some of the more unusual activities available to anyone over a weekend. The brief was to film Paralympics presenter Arthur Williams ( a former marine and paraplegic) freediving off the Devon coast. After […]

Tudor Watch Advertorial For Jocks & Nerds

Some quick thinking was involved for the Tudor Pelagos shoot for Jocks&Nerds Magazine. Ian at FreediveUK was the instigator behind setting up the shoot and a few days before it was scheduled I broke my fibula surfing! We had Mark Milburn’s boat ‘Stingray’ chartered, the representative for Tudor and magazine editor for J&N were booked into local B&Bs,  Ian was free to model for the day and we had a weather window. Cancelling wasn’t an option – we had to go ahead! With my cast […]